Monday, February 21, 2005

Women Scientists - We ain't no fools

After our action last Thursday at the President's House, the Science Organizing Committee stepped things up a notch. We wrote an open letter to President Levin stressing that his continued silence on the Summer's debacle was unacceptable, and that the university should be far more proactive in diversifying the upper echelons of the professoriat.

And then we got over 100 of our female colleagues to sign it.

The story is SO big that the AP wrote a story the day before we even turned in the letter.

The rationale: We don't want the story to be "Yeah, that bad Summers guy was fired, so women everywhere can relax." We want concrete change from our universities to actively address these disparities. Levin is part of the problem until he steps up and injects some change.

Watch out tomorrow, yo. The shit is about to hit the fan.


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