Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Our Trip to the Grand Canyon

Our Trip to the Grand Canyon

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M. and I headed up to Flagstaff on Friday afternoon and had dinner at the Mountain Oasis. I had tofu pineapple salad and some super tasty spicy bean soup. I absolutely loved Flagstaff. It reminded me of Athens in a lot of ways- college town with lots of cute restraunts and a neat little downtown. But it was Athens with a gorgeous mountain backdrop.

We decided to hike the South Kaibab Trail (although I kept pronouncing it "Kabib", after all of those indigenous Middle Easterners. We faced near death as we tried to walk down ice covered switchbacks at the beginning of the trail. I saw a lot of young children on the trail, and I couldn't help but wonder how they made it past these glacial conditions.

We made it down to the 3 mile point in about 1.5 hours. For some reason, it only took us 40 minutes to get up to the top. M. claims that I was hauling ass too fast, but I thought we were going at a nice clip. It is a lot less scary walking up, since there are fewer opportunities to look into the abyss below.

For Easter, we had brunch at this cute little cafe. I have never had so much good food on vacation!


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