Friday, April 22, 2005

Nice week for a strike

All's well that ends well as the saying goes. What does that mean, anyway? We wrapped up an exciting week of strike activities, including, but not limited to -

* marching through the streets of NYC our brothers and sisters from Columbia as well as union members from as far away as Atlantic City

* confronting the Yale Corporation members and getting a meeting with Roland Betts! (Ok, I was actually taking a nap during that one.)

* hearing Jesse Jackson again

* listening to inspiring speeches from other graduate students about why they're on strike

* eating tons of yummy strike sandwiches

* constant gratefulness toward the weather and the decision not to strike in March again

* singing the GESO fight on song for hours on end

* and how could i forget the SocSciences picket line dance off? (ok, I missed this one too, but I did get up there for the crowning of the victor)

Hopefully the Administration will come to their senses and we will never have to do this again!


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